Lexicon of Trust & Foundation Practice

An essential and unique publication on the formation and administration of trusts and private foundations which contains definitions and explanations that contribute to a broader understanding of successful asset planning.

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Lexicon of Trust & Foundation Practice

Lexicon of Trust & Foundation Practice

Subjects relevant to trust and private foundation practice uniquely condensed into one volume.

Straightforward and easily assimilated explanations of selected principles from the basic law of the land, succession, taxation, international law, enforcement, and many aspects of private client practice of vital concern to asset planning practice. In addition, corporate affairs, anti-money laundering, conflict of laws, banking, insurance and international litigation are presented in a format which can be easily understood and readily accessible.

This Lexicon is a unique publication – more than a dictionary; an invaluable quick reference assembled for the ease of the busy practitioner and manager.

Definitions & Explanations

Definitions and explanations essential for those in the trust and private foundation industries.

International Approach

An international approach: treaties, procedures and enforcement.

Contemporary Rules

Contemporary rules and practices and historical derivations.

Islamic Law Terms

A concise glossary of Islamic law terms.

Convenient Size

A convenient size for practitioner or student’s briefcase or desk.

Succinct Explanations

Succinct explanations geared to targeted audiences.








Sharia law definitions

Specimen Pages

Selected pages from the lexicon

About Author


John Graham Goldsworth

The author, Dr John Graham Goldsworth, is a Barrister of the Middle Temple, with law degrees from the Universities of London, Exeter and Cambridge. Dr Goldsworth wrote and published the first book on private foundations from Mulberry House Press (Private Foundations: Law & Practice). He has been engaged in numerous advisory roles connected with foundations and trusts and with the law and regulation of offshore jurisdictions and of asset planning law generally. Previously founder and editor of a leading trust journal. This extensive experience and wide teaching exposure has contributed to the creation of the Lexicon of Trust & Foundation Practice.

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